Saturday, 11 June 2011

Interview - Outfit Post

I need to start becoming a bit more confident in putting pictures of myself up on the blog. I get really paranoid about doing it - not really sure why but I do. I admire bloggers that do and it's something I need to start doing more of.

One of my favourite things about Twitter is looking at all the #todayimwearing tags. I mainly read through blogs to get some outfit inspiration but also reading these on Twitter helps too! On Thursday when I had my interview I told my followers what I was wearing and the lovely Laura from Fluorescent PR tweeted "think we need to see a pic" so I figured why not put it up on the blog?!

I hate going to job interviews looking to conservative. I think its important to try and not move away from your own personal style. I appreciate this may be easier to do for a job in fashion rather than an high end office job. I'm not a black skirt and shirt kinda gal - never have been! Apart from school uniform obviously *shudders*

So this is what I wore (apologies for looking a bit miserable in this pic - I went straight from my interview, back to my internship and had been up since 5am!)

 White Blazer - Marks & Spencer
Breton Tee - New Look
Blue Colour Block Maxi - Primark
Necklace - Vivienne Westwood
Purple Stone Ring - From a market in Alicante, Spain

Loafers - New Look

Blue Stone Ring - Topshop
Black Stone Ring - Dorothy Perkins
Tribal Cuff - Evans

What are your outfit choices for job interviews? 


  1. Love the Jacket! Really suits you x

  2. Thats a fabulous outfit and a really cool twist on the normal skirt plus jacket interview look.

  3. Fittie! I need those shoes in my life.

  4. Really loving the look! I think a brillantly inspired choice for an interview! loving the shoes too.