Wednesday, 27 October 2010

JUMP! For my LOVE...

...excuse the Girls Aloud title but my itunes is blasting out random music at the moment and I have to confess this is the one that is stuck in my head. Although rather suiting for todays post... Jumpsuits.

I don't know how many of you have been checking it out but the new (ish) Evans sister site - style369 is releasing some absolute gems on their website. After seeing Mary on the X-Factor (I know - I wouldn't normally take inspiration from someone bagged 'Tesco Lady') but I couldn't help but fall head over heels with her Frilled neckline jumpsuit. After searching I realised this little baby was infact from style369. Then I managed to come across the rest of the jumpsuit clan on their website.

I would never have really put myself as a jumpsuit kinda gal - but after purchasing the floral ASOS Curve one I have been craving for my next one for a while now. I think these can work perfectly for Autumn/Winter - especially the ones below. Pair with lace up Shearling boots or a fabulous pair of Wedges and a blazer and I'd pretty much say you're good to go!

Ruby Rocks Tie-Dye Jumpsuit £50

Ruby Rocks Black & Gold Print Jumpsuit

Black Frill Jumpsuit £45

All styles are available at


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Get Your Knits Out!

So despite the blistering heat over the weekend (I say blistering because it was bloody hot and my bessie and I took a trip to Trafalgar Square on Sunday and sunned it up) was a truly beautiful day in London Town. So yes, Sun aside I am still thinking about (and trying to build my wardrobe for Autumn/Winter. The high street has without a doubt provided us with an amazing array of A/W goodness and if theres one item thats a massive MUST HAVE this is the Fairisle jumper/cardigan. Personally I love a good cardigan, I'm not really a huge kinda jumper-wearing gal but find me a good Cardie anyday. The chunkier the better! I own a fair few Fairisle knits but you can never have to many right? Taking inspiration from the D&G Fall collection, no one does Fairisle like these guys but the high street are giving them a close run for their money!

I absolutely love this look. And for all your Fairisle accessories check out (okay I'm a bit biased) but their latest A/W campaign is amazing and puts me right in the mood for Winter. Plus I have absolutely fallen in love with these, meant to be slippers but I'm am seriously considering wearing them out - your very own D&G-esque boots!

 Yeti Sliiper Boot £20

Faux FurTrim Fairisle Slipper Boots £20

And now for my round up of the best Fairisle jumpers and cardigans on the high street. Perfect to team with anything from a leather skirt with wool tights or throw on over skinny jeans with a slouchy tee. The absolute cold weather must have!

ASOS Fairisle Jumper £38

Dorothy Perkins Cream Chunky Snowflake Jumper £35

River Island Green Floral Fairisle £59.99

H'n'M Grey Fairisle Cardigan £29.99

Monsoon Sabita Fairisle Cardigan £70

I think I shall definately be purchasing the Monsoon one for my country cottage getaway that I have just booked with a group of friends accompanied with wine by the fire - perfection!


Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My First London Fashion Week

Hi Guys. So it's been a while and I've been meaning to write this post for ages but things are busybusy as always. Besides its never to late to talk about Fashion week!!! I must admit that when my boss told me I'd be working on our stand and also GOING to the catwalk shows at London Fashion Week I was SO excited. I'd never been to Fashion Week before so wasn't sure what exactly to expect. I must admit, I did feel slightly apprehensive that I'd be surrounded by some of the coolest fashionistas in town and I might stick out like a sore thumb. But I couldn't be more wrong. I was in awe of the diversity and personality that filled Somerset House with a mixture of people all eager to see what was going to be making its way down the catwalk ready to influence our wardrobe choices for Spring/Summer 2011. I even got taken for a cheeky Birthday lunch with the lovely girls I work with on Tom's Terrace which was absolutely delish!

The first show we got to see was Betty Jackson. Only being familiar with Betty's collection for Debenhams I was delighted to be sitting in the rows viewing her upcoming collections which were all about floral prints, tailored trousers and 1960s sunglasses. Even though there was a cold chill in the air, the sun was shining and it did put me in the mood to start thinking about my next Summer wardrobe (even though I'm currently still trying to build up my Autumn/Winter one. MUST remember to purchase Aviator jacket ASAP) I thought I would share a few of my favourite pieces from Betty's collection...

I absolutely ADORE this feather top and have actually found something quite similar which I think would work perfectly for upcoming November/December Christmas and Birthday parties and will be a statement piece to carry me through to Spring.

These sunnies have a real Edie Sedgwick feel to them and I will definately be hunting down a pair of lookalikes for next season when the sun starts to make an appearence again! And here is the wonderful lady herself, taking a peak from behind the scenes...

The next show I got to see was Todd Lynn. I thought I'd share with you guys my fast fashion snaps that I took on my Blackberry whilst watching the show. I was metres away from these gorgeous pieces and could have easily leaped onto the catwalk and ripped the clothes off these models to keep for myself (if I was a size 6 obviously) Lol.

I did fall deeply in love with structured mirrored/metal-esque dress in the second picture. It was absolutely beautiful and the detailing was incredible. Todd seemed to focus of lots of greys and light colours for the season and in my opinion you can never go wrong with a bit of grey.

The following day I even managed to literally nearly bump into a teeny tiny Alexa Chung who was clearly enjoying the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week with a couple of friends. She was prancing around Somerset House, having her picture taken wearing a midi dress, duffle coat and her statement brogues. I must admit I was in complete awe of being so close to her but she was incredibly tiny!!!!

Alexa taking a well earned break on the walls of Somerset House

I then went to grab a quick bite to eat with my friend Jinny of 'Running in Platforms' where we saw another teeny tiny celebrity in the form of Diana Vickers. Who by the way was wearing the most BEAUT leopard print wedges. She was obviously grabbing a quick coffee inbetween shows!

The last show I went to was KTZ which was definately the show where all the cool 80s revival kids went. I've never seen so much colour from a crowd of people in one catwalk. Chunky chains, retro sunglasses, old school BOY tshirts- this was definately one of my favourites. The clothes were 'out-there' and I especially loved the gold crowns which graced the heads of the catwalk models as they strutted down the catwalk. Again, these are all my own photos from the shows (makes it feel a bit more personal)

All in all an amazing experience at London Fashion Week. I even managed a trip to London Fashion Weekend after all the buzz of Fashion Week had died down which is always fabulous to go to if you didn't get to any of the shows. You can purchase designer items with up to 75% off and everyone from Vivienne Westwood to DKNY to French Sole were selling there. I would definately recommend it when the next one comes around in Febuary 2011 when we will then be reviewing what to wear for Autumn/Winter 2011!!! Sheesh. The Fashion World never stops does it?!

Other images owned by 'These Girls Turn Heads'