Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pretty Pastels.

I'm getting a bit addicted to ever since setting up my account. Beware though folks, it's pretty easy to get confused and instead of paying straight away on my card I *somehow* managed to set up a credit account and next minute I had £700 to spend (VERY dangerous). After this transaction though I'm going to be sure to pay off my debts to Very and switch the account.

I'd seen some images of Fearne Cotton's catwalk show a while back and checked out her range along with Holly's. To be totally honest, not much caught my eye except from a pastel yellow pleated skirt (yeah, like I need another one) and a heart print jumper. The next day both arrived, the skirt looked absolutely awful on me but the jumper was lovely. I wore it yesterday with my light pink maxi from Primark and some converse. It's so cosy and didn't lose shape at all (you know how sometimes with thinner jumpers the arms tend to go a slightly baggy - or is that just me?).

Jumper: Fearne Cotton for
Skirt: Primark
Converse trainers
Chanel necklace: Portobello Road
Peace Necklace: Claire's Accessories
Rings: Accessorize, Boots, H'n'M and Jessie Western

I also bought the orange pocket maxi skirt as seen on Clare but it looked no where near as nice on me as it does on Clare. She's one of my favourite bloggers and has incredible style. I'm so looking forward to Spring now and getting my pastel on alot more!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

HOT BRAND: Grandma Swag

Okay of course I'm going to biased as this has been set up by 2 of my closest friends but seriously guys check it out as it's amazing (especially the headwear). Started by 2 girls from West London, Grandma Swag scouts high and low for one off vintage pieces and then adds Grandma's twist - whether its quirky buttons, huge embellishments or beautiful ribbon and silk detailing.

The blurb:
"We sew, We stitch, We hunt, We gather, we search high and low to find you the most amazing vintage, reworked, customised and handmade clothing. Most of our swag is on ASOS Marketplace so please take a look at what Granny is hiding".

Handmade Headpiece £15

ZigZag Cardigan £35

Cable Knit Cardigan £30

Turquoise Cardigan £27

Turban £15

There's an element of Grandma in most people's wardrobes and Grandma Swag is actually making me wish I had more patience to scour charity shops on a regular basis but what makes this brand special is the girls personality and own unique style really comes through on the simple touches they create on these vintage pieces.

To view the whole collection, head on over to ASOS Marketplace here and you can like them on Facebook too! 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Are you going to the Oscars?

The title of this post is pretty apt as I celebrated one of my friends Birthday this weekend in a bar but the dress I was wearing managed to make me look like I was attending the Oscars!

Last week I was scrolling through Grazia and my eyes came across this little beauty from I've never shopped with Very before and it's actually never crossed my mind to even check out their website when I'm shopping online. I know they do a plus line too which is always a bonus for me. This dress is absolutely stunning and probably one of the nicest I own. It's a lovely fit with an elasticated waist and then cape-like arms and drop detail around the neck. I know it's seems a bit too special to wear to a bar but I was dying to wear it ever since its arrival on Thursday. To tone it down slightly I put my leather jacket on over it and just wore some studded ballet pumps from Topshop (which you can hardly see anyway).

This quality of this dress is amazing - I don't even think not one sequin dropped off the whole evening. It's always a bit awkward wearing full sequin clothing - the worry of getting attached to other people and sequins falling off all over the shop! But hats off to Very as I think it's well worth the £120.

Pumps: Topshop
Jacket: Primark
Jewellery: a selection from Accessorize, Love Heart and Cross, Claire's and H'n'M

I already can't wait to wear it again but this time with a pair of heels and a blazer! And I'll definitely be heading back to the Very website again for some more purchases.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012? I'll drink to that.


Okay, okay it's slightly late but let's be honest most people continue to say those words right up until the end of January so I think I'm okay.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I spent my NY away this year. I've said for years I want to get out of London and I finally did. 3 of my best friends and I went to Frankfurt for a few days to party hard and see the sights. (More of Frankfurt to come in the next post!).

2011 was a good year. I celebrated my 25th birthday in Vegas, went to Berlin, got muddy at Lovebox festival, met some absolutely INCREDIBLE ladies at Plus London and These Girls Turn Heads got its feet well and truly off the ground and I got to work with a couple of exciting brands. There's a lot more in the pipeline for the blog in 2012 and I can't wait to get some of it off the ground. I'm so pleased that my readership has grown and the relationships I've built through blogging. And yes, like a lot of you, one of my MANY resolution iss to blog more. You girls (and boys) that have full time jobs and still manage to blog everyday I seriously bow down to you!

So, here's what I wore today. I bought this dress in the ASOS sale and originally wanted to wear it for Christmas Eve but ASOS sent me the wrong one. (I'm starting to think the people behind the ASOS Here To Help twitter page actually think I'm mental as I'm always moaning about something - it's not me though I swear!) to be fair to them their customer service is outstanding and I've always had my issues resolved quickly. This dress was only £21.50 and today is the first time I've worn it. I did take it to Frankfurt but it never made an appearance. I was slightly dubious as it's not from ASOS Curve and I thought it may be a bit tight but it fit! There is an elasticated waist though ;) I love the retro chain print on this and the pussy bow, although I do feel ever so slightly like a Secretary.

I wore my new Aran cardigan over the top which was a gift all the way from Ireland! It's the warmest and cosiest item of clothing ever and so soft! I'm pretty sure people who saw me today thought I was absolutely mental not wearing a coat but I just don't like them! I know that sounds weird but I just don't think coats look great on me. Give me a blazer or a cardigan any day.

This big brown stone ring cost me €1 in Frankfurt! I bought it in green as well.

Dress: ASOS
Cardigan: Unknown, Ireland
Pumps: Topshop
Bag: Mulberry
Rings: H'n'M, Love Hearts and Crosses and Topshop