Thursday, 19 January 2012

HOT BRAND: Grandma Swag

Okay of course I'm going to biased as this has been set up by 2 of my closest friends but seriously guys check it out as it's amazing (especially the headwear). Started by 2 girls from West London, Grandma Swag scouts high and low for one off vintage pieces and then adds Grandma's twist - whether its quirky buttons, huge embellishments or beautiful ribbon and silk detailing.

The blurb:
"We sew, We stitch, We hunt, We gather, we search high and low to find you the most amazing vintage, reworked, customised and handmade clothing. Most of our swag is on ASOS Marketplace so please take a look at what Granny is hiding".

Handmade Headpiece £15

ZigZag Cardigan £35

Cable Knit Cardigan £30

Turquoise Cardigan £27

Turban £15

There's an element of Grandma in most people's wardrobes and Grandma Swag is actually making me wish I had more patience to scour charity shops on a regular basis but what makes this brand special is the girls personality and own unique style really comes through on the simple touches they create on these vintage pieces.

To view the whole collection, head on over to ASOS Marketplace here and you can like them on Facebook too! 


  1. Hello Ams sweetie, thank you for your lovely comments. It made me chuckle that you set your bag on fire he he sorry. I am so useless with twitter I barely know how to send a tweet. I had to google when you asked me to DM you ha. My email is

    Loving all of the above what a wicked name too I think they will do sooooo well xoxo