Friday, 17 June 2011

Before I go...

Just FYI my competition to win the Bertie clogs has now closed and I will be announcing the winner very soon.

Thought I'd share my outfit for tonight with you guys before I leave the house to meet my girls for some drinks. It's spitting with rain but I still refuse to wear a coat. I won't be making a mistake this time and wearing my suede loafers - instead I've opted for some trusty high-top Converse trainers. I think they work really well with this maxi skirt - what do you guys think?

Kimono - Primark
Horse t-shirt - H'n'M
Silver Glitter belt - GAP
Maxi Skirt - Primark
Tribal necklace - H'n'M 
Converse - Office

You can't really tell in these photos but I've been watching way to much Made In Chelsea recently and have 'done a Caggie' in painting my nails all different colours. So RAH darling!

1 comment:

  1. I love the Kimono its fab! The trainers go perfectly with the outfit xx