Thursday, 30 June 2011

Bird? Plane? No.... It's the SUPERBRANDS!

I never really have the patience to trail through the rails of TKMaxx. I have a friend who ALWAYS finds some amazing pieces in there but whenever I go, I find nothing. However, the other week was a different story. I finally put some time aside on a rainy weekday morning so make the effort to go through the rails of my local TKMaxx store in Hammersmith and was left completely surprised.

On one side of the store the Gold label collection where my eyes were feast upon an array of beautiful dresses from Versace to Luella. And on the other the Superbrands collection. What with my upcoming holiday I went over and searched the rails for some summer clothing. The brands amongst the collection include Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Superdry, Roxy and many many more. As I was looking through all I could think in my head was "LA chic" - I don't normally wear brands like Roxy and Bench but I was loving some of the items and could definitely see myself wearing some of them during the day on holiday. Ok I'm going to Las Vegas, not L.A but it could still work!

The clothing comes direct from the designers straight to TKMaxx with up to 60% off - what's not to love? Be quick though, because what's there one day might not be there the next. I was lucky enough to be able to take some items away from store to style up and where better to do the shoot than Brighton beach with the recent heatwave!

Roxy Dress - £12

Henleys Dress - £16.99
Vans - Models own

Roxy Top - £7.99
Yellow Roxy Shorts - £9.99
Roxy Print Kaftan - £12.99

Bench Crop Top - £12.99
Shorts as before

This Bench crop top was my favourite piece. And also is available up to a size XXL - the key to mid cut t-shirts is wearing them that extra bit baggy. I have a few of these style tops which I'll sling on over a maxi or over a vest top with some hareems. This is definitely coming to Vegas with me in September.

Aftershock Top - £12.99
Absolutely love the Versace-esque feel of this top!

The Superbrands collection also includes more high-end designers such as Nicole Farhi. I really like the simplicity of the below t-shirt dress which can be worn as a beach dress or dressed up for a night on the town in the evenings. 

Nicole Farhi Dress - £19.99

All accessories featured are from Primark, Accessorize and H'n'M

I also managed to pick up a pair of Levi's and a really cute skirt from Tommy Hilfiger in the collection for under £25! You can view the Superbrands collection at or if you fancy looking through the treasure trove - head to your nearest store! It'll be worth it.

Big thanks to Jinny for assisting on the shoot and my beautiful friend Lydia for modelling.


  1. You look beautiful. I love TK Maxx, I always find some lovely items.My favourite item has to be my Patrick Cox purse as it is lovely and roomy and the studs show a bit of my personality. I think TK Maxx is quite an underestimated store.

    Lovely blog, i'm following.


  2. I adore the Bench crop top! You look stunning in every single one of these photographs!

    All the best,