Thursday, 25 October 2012

Peg Leg!

In my last post I gave a little glimpse of some of my recent outfits but I figured I should probably go into a bit more detail on the Lace Trousers from I'm still waiting for one of the plus size retailers to make a pajama suit but in the mean time I'll continue my obsession with printed peg-leg trousers. These lace ones are from the So Fabulous range at Very and are an amazing fit. The waist is elasticated (yep - score!) and the fit around the leg is perfect. I prefer a skinny leg as wider leg trousers tend to make people look bigger than they actually are whereas these show off your shape perfectly. I paired these with a beautiful new gem tee from Topshop, gold flats from Evans and my Issey Miyake blazer.

Oh hi Shiny face!

Blazer: Issey Miyake
T-shirt: Topshop
Shoes: Evans
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Neon necklace: H'n'M
Pyramid necklace: Urban Outfitters

You can't really tell but I've had my hair highlighted a bit more too. It's a lot blonder in real life and I'm still getting used to it. Also, some very exciting news; I'll be in the Look magazine 'My Style File' feature on Tuesday (30th) so please do go out and grab a copy!


  1. Really like the tee , and the trousers look gorge on you xx

    1. gorgeous!

    2. Ah thanks ladies. Yeah I'm in love with this tee! Although the first time I wore it one of the gems fell off :(

  2. I love this look, because it is casual but still dressy! I have a very hard time doing casual!

  3. Love the necklaces and the fit new hair!


  4. Looking Gorgeous as always. Loveeeee the trousers!!! xx