Thursday, 24 May 2012

We meet again.

Well hello there, I'm back! Well kind of. I've been swanning around the streets of New York City and getting myself a job promotion since I last blogged so things have been busy busy at work. I am planning on doing posts on my amazing trip to the Big Apple (hopefully this weekend, but don't hold me to that). And what d'ya know, since our last meeting, the sun has decided to finally make an appearance too. I'm not a lover of the sun, partly because I hate getting my legs and arms out (we've covered this before) so I find it pretty hard getting dressed in the mornings when it's hot hot hot. I do however enjoy the mood the glorious sunshine puts everyone in (although not the outfit choices some people make). Anyway, to keep it brief here's a little outfit I wore a couple of weekends ago to celebrate my friends birthday in Soho.

My amazing floral jacket is from Beacon's Closest in Brooklyn, New York (more to come on this) and my sequin top is from a vintage shop I found in the East Village whilst on my travels. GOOD TIMES. I'm not wearing any shoes here, I promise I did put some on when I left the house!

Jacket: Vintage
Sequin top: Vintage
Sheer maxi skirt: H'n'M
Necklace: H'n'M
Bracelets: Accessorize
Rings: Love, Hearts and Crosses and Accessorize


  1. Wooo! Congrats on the job promotion girlie! You look lovely as always, love your sequin top. Looking forward to hearing about your NY adventure! x

  2. Congrads on getting promoted! Love this whole look..
    And that top.. LOVE IT!
    You look great, luv ur room :)

  3. First things first, congrats on the promotion! Loving the sequinned jacket and looking forward to hearing more about your trip to the big apple - totally jealous!! xx

  4. Wooop wooop congrats on the job xx

  5. great blazer! Love the look :)

    new outfit post :)

  6. Ahhh. Very magnetic blazer. Love the great colors. :)
    Want fashionable pearls? Click here for more info.

  7. LOL I love how you felt the need to say you did put shoes on :)