Monday, 19 December 2011

THAT Topshop jumper and THAT Zara bag.

I've been reading so many blogs recently referring to the blogger's "uniform". The YSL Arty ring (or a copy of, like moi), a Mulberry Alexa bag (yes, I'm guilty) and pleated maxi skirts (we won't even go there on how many I own again). Now wherever I look EVERYONE seems to have THAT Zara bucket bag and more recently the knitted pastel Topshop jumper.

I bought the Zara bag a few months ago in Westfield and fell in love with it. The only annoying thing is there's no pockets inside so I spend ages everyday searching for various things. It's big enough for everything, folders for work, a change of clothes, a small dog? (I joke) Originally I picked up the tan version but I'm actually quite glad my Mum persuaded me to go with the red as I haven't seen too many people with that colour. I'm actually really liking the faux crocodile one too but not sure I can justify another £80 odd on another handbag.

I wore this outfit yesterday to have Sunday lunch. This Topshop jumper is beautiful and so warm. Alot of people have told me how much it compliments my skin tone and pastel yellow (or any kind of yellow for that matter) isn't a colour I normally wear. Again, teamed with my Marks and Spencer khaki maxi skirt (which FYI has actually completely ripped on the under skirt. Think it's through me wearing it so much but I can't bare to throw it away).

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: Marks and Spencer
Boots: Topshop
Rings: Accessorize and H'n'M
Necklace: Accessorize
Bag: Zara
Excuse the towel in the background!

The jumper actually comes in a pastel pink as well, and what with me going to Frankfurt for NYE for a few days I think it's only fair I buy the other colour - it is going to be FREEZING!


  1. LOVE THAT BAG!!! It's on my xmas list :-)

  2. I love your outfit, the colours together are lovely. I am wearing a pleated maxi right now haha it is true about the blogger uniforms xx

  3. I've been lusting after that bag for years. Love you blog so much. Real girls fashion, doesnt get any better.

    Merry Christmas xx

  4. If you eBay you can get bags exactly the same for £15, which is what I've done! Not worth £80 for a cheapy like me :P
    Love the skirts :) xo

  5. That bag is amazing... I love bags that look like I could keep my entire life in it, lol.

  6. HA! Your so right about the uniform.

    you look lovely btw.

    J x

  7. I absolutely love bags!!! I feel compulsed to buy a new one always ... not good. maybe when i get my bog going I'll have some sort of bag sale.
    I have not however got a bag from Zara but that is lovely!! xx

  8. I want that bag NOW!!!!