Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Ellos Blouse.

So I found my camera!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Brit Bloggers about reviewing an item for them from One Stop Plus and obviously I jumped at the chance. To be honest I wasn't THAT familiar with the site and presumed it was really similar to Evans - full of frumpy, shapeless clothing that I wouldn't really like. I was given the choice of picking an item off the site and wanted to opt for something I don't really wear that much but could style up and put a twist on. I looked through the jeans section (as I NEVER wear jeans) even though I've asked for some from Santa this year but I'm way to fussy when it comes to jeans, so opted for a blouse instead. There are only 2 shirts/blouses in my wardrobe. My favourite one is a sheer coral one from New Look which is years old, but the collar never sits right and I always find it difficult to really know what to wear underneath it. After carefully going through the site I chose the Ellos Blouse.

What attracted me to this straight away was the ribbon collar and lace detailing around the neck line. When it arrived I noticed there was a loop hidden under the collar that held the ribbon in place (brownie points already) but it wasn't stitched down onto the shirt so could put your own ribbon through if you fancied a change.

The fit was absolutely perfect. I got my normal size, but actually think I could have gone down a size too  as it did come up quite big. I loved the sleeve length on this - perfect for the cold weather as it was quite a thick cotton material. The next time I wear it I think I'm going to try it with jeans (that's if Santa drops any down the chimney) as the length was perfect coming just below the bum.

I wore this with my black maxi skirt from Style369 and some grey wool tights - felt I bit like I belonged back in the Victorian era!

Shirt: With thanks to OneStopPlus
Skirt: Style 369
Bath ring: Topshop
Other Jewellery: Urban Outfitters and Primark

I completed the outfit with a faux fur stole and leather jacket from Primark to go to Winter Wonderland and actually took the tights off. MASSIVE MISTAKE! I was absolutely freezing.

Me and the lovely Jinny
Bag: Mulberry Alexa

I've got to give a massive thumbs up to One Stop Plus for having, maybe just the most beautiful blouse I've ever owned and I actually think £29.99 is so reasonable. Whilst going through the site I did actually find a couple of other bits I may just have to purchase, including this long backed blouse.

What do you guys think? I think this would well really well as workwear too for the office and yet is a perfect day to night item to add with jeans and a big pair of wedges.

Thanks to OneStopPlus UK - I'll definitely be visiting again.

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  1. Love it! I am always on the hunt for Peter Pan collars. I also love your hair! Gorgeous