Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Love Letter to ASOS Curve

I don't think I've ever been so passionate about a plus brand than ASOS Curve. Recently in London and New York the team held a High Summer Preview and I was one of those people screen grabbing everything I wanted so I'm ready to pounce on the site once it all hits (some of it's already online) GOODBYE PAYDAY WAGE! The thing is with ASOS, they know what the plus size community are looking for. Literally, every single piece is amazing. It's fast, forward fashion and I don't feel like I have to wait ages for a trend to become accessible to someone my size. You know what's even more incredible? The Curve buyers. I regularly tweet the ASOS Curve team and they are more than happy to listen to my views or answer any questions I have. I've seen them interacting with bloggers on twitter and taking notice of what we like and dislike.

The fact that Curve have started holding these kind of events for bloggers and magazines is just amazing. It gets us excited about the new season and they aren't showcasing a bunch of frumpy and boring clothes. Everything they produce - I want to wear! The colours, materials and copies of catwalk pieces make them my favourite destination for plus size fashion. Honestly, my wardrobe is probably 70% ASOS and 30% Simply Be. These are the only retailers I feel at the moment and creating cool pieces for the plus size community. I've chosen some of my favourite pieces from the lookbook below but I just wanted to say thank you to the ASOS Curve team for making such amazing pieces for us and knowing exactly what it is that we want to wear.

Mixed Print Bomber Jacket £45

Denim Dress £40

Cutwork Embroidery Top £30
Dungarees £38

Floral and Stripe Shirt
Lace Dress

Embroided Dress - Snapped from Bethany's instagram

ASOS High Summer selection - Snapped from Gabi's instagram

Can I just bring your attention to the yellow maxi dress? Incredible.

Bravo ASOS Curve, Bravo.


  1. Oh how I love ASOS Curve, I recently brought my very first dress form them this month and I love it so.

    1. It's so amazing! I spend so much on there per month. Bad for the bank balance ;)

  2. Am I the only one who is disappointed in the ASOS Curve summer 2013 collection? I've seen so many bloggers raving about it, but I don't get it. I normally love ASOS and wish I had tons of money so I could literally buy everything. But most this collection looks like random thrift store rejects that have been repurposed and embellished, then marked up to five times the cost. And not in a good way. I count on ASOS for their fancy, timeless, unique pieces that I cannot find anywhere else. To me, all of my ASOS pieces are investment pieces, they're my favorite. But I won't be getting anything from them this summer.

  3. Oh wow! I really love that denim dress and dungarees, they are on my wishlist now. :)

  4. Well said! I agree :)

  5. All looks amazing Amz. Just been having a general mooch on your blog. I JUST LOVE YOU BABE. Cant wait to see you next week xxx

    1. Only just seen this beaut. Roll on Thursday so I can give you a smooch! xx