Monday, 10 October 2011

Seeing Stars.

Today has been amazing. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I've been waiting for some news with regards to a job interview I had last week. I can honestly tell you, I don't think I've wanted anything more than this job. After being unemployed for 8 months and a few knockbacks I was seriously doubting whether I should give up in fashion industry altogether. But, I ploughed through and good news, I GOT THE JOB. So exciting. The job is actually where I've been interning on and off for the past four months and is my first 'real' PR Assistant role. I had a similar role when I worked for a company last year but my main job there was as a Social Media Co-ordinator so it feels amazing to actually be doing something now that I'm passionate about.

I've been in contact recently with a few of my Twitter followers who have asked for some advice when it comes to interning. I've been a PR intern for a good few years now and can honestly say interning is the way in. Sure some days all you're doing is returns, making tea and running here there and everywhere but both my previous job and this job have come from me having internships within the companies - it pays off! Make yourself stand out, offer to do jobs that you may not necessarily want to do because speaking from experience it really does get you noticed. Anyway, enough of my preaching! Here's what I wore today. My lovely Mum took me for breakfast at The Wolseley which I was not expecting at all. Lovely surprise and a good day all round. Oh, I can finally introduce you to my new Mulberry Alexa bag too. A long time coming but it's finally in my hands.

This star print t-shirt is from Dorothy Perkins and fits so nicely. It has a cute zip detail at the back too. I first saw it on Nicolette (who totally rocks it with her Miu Miu glasses by the way) I put mine together with my khaki maxi skirt and gold converse.

A really cheeseballs photo of me outside The Wolseley this morning...

Jacket: Primark
Star print top: Dorothy Perkins
Maxi skirt: Marks and Spencer
Pumps: Converse
Necklace: Claire's Accessories
Bag: Mulberry
Rings: From a selection at Accessorize, Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21 & Boots


  1. I really want this top from dorothy perkins! i think its a great way to work the star trend :) you look lovely xx

  2. You make me smile! Loved this post! xoxo