Monday, 25 July 2011

When you walk in the bar, and you're dressed like a star...

...rockin' your fuck me pumps.

Saturday afternoon I logged onto Facebook to see a status update on my feed saying "There's a rumour going around Amy Winehouse is dead". I completely ignored it, I thought it was one of those horrible rumours where people who have nothing better to do sit in front of their computers making up the death of a celebrity. 

Around half an hour later I logged onto Twitter and saw my timeline full of Amy Winehouse tweets. I had goosebumps and to be honest felt a bit sick. She couldn't be dead. In my eyes she was invincible. One of the most beautiful women who I completely adored and yes she let me down four times when I, time and time again booked tickets to see her live and she never showed up or cancelled her shows. But dead? 

Then it was confirmed. "Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her Camden home at 3:54pm this afternoon due to a suspected drug overdose".

I was/still am completely gutted. There was just something completely magical about this troubled young lady with one of the best voices the music industry has ever seen. In my eyes she completely sits alongside MJ and the other greats. I loved everything about Amy, her voice, her humour, her style and above all her quirkiness. I sat watching the Never Mind The Buzzcocks episode this morning in which she appeared on the panel and completely gave as good as she got when Simon Amstell was taking the mick out of her lifestyle. He turns and says to her "I miss the old Amy, the sober one!" in which she replies "She's dead! She ain't 'ere!".

Since Saturday I've had Frank and Back to Black on repeat, still coming to terms with the fact that she is no longer with us. Her music will be with us forever and I'm hoping she is now finding peace in the place in which she was moved onto.

R.I.P Miss Amy Winehouse

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