Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Grab your 5 a day!

As most of you will be aware one of the key trends this Spring/Summer is fruit but not the kind you might find in your kitchen bowl. I'm talking about fabulous kitsch fruit jewellery. Miu Miu and Prada are leading us in the fruit race and Net-A-Porter have sold out of their fabulous Swarovski Crystal Apple Earrings. (I'm hoping that these will be back in stock very very soon and I can channel my inner Cheryl Cole and look as beautiful as her in them!)

Cheryl in the SOLD OUT Miu Miu Apple Earrings at net-a-porter.com

Until these Miu Miu ones become available again, the high street have their healthy options to choose from and your New Year's healthy eating plan will soon become very easy with these. Apples seem to be key but any fruit works so don't be afraid to pile on the bananas, apples and strawberries!

ASOS Apple Rhinestone Ring £15

Topshop Apple Pendant £8.50

Accessorize Strawberry Pendant £5

And for the very brave these fabulous Charlotte Olympia heels are sure to draw attention when you step out in Spring. Perfect with a colour block shift dress. *DROOL*

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  1. Loving these fruity beauties ;). Particuarlly like the strawberry necklace, i have one in pink that is very similar that I bought a couple of years ago. And those shoes...amazin. x

  2. I LOVE those shoes! So fun and silly.