Sunday, 8 August 2010

Roll on A/W10

Again, its been a while since my last post. I promise I am going to write more, its just I came back from holiday and then started my new job so everythings a-go-go at the moment. I did actually take some outfit photos on my holiday which I will upload soon, as at the moment they are still sitting on my camera.

I am going to do a few A/W round ups in the next couple of weeks but after seeing some previews in other blogs there is one retailer I feel needs a first and special mention and that is Evans.

When I was younger and finding it really hard to find "trendy" clothes Evans would always be my first port of call, but, their clothes were often frumpy and more aimed at the older bigger woman. But over recent years they have really come up trumps and their Autumn/Winter collection is full of the most gorgeous pieces I have ever seen. I want to shake the hands of all the Evans designers and congratulate them on doing us bigger girls proud. I never thought I would be so pleased for Summer to end, but I just cannot wait to get my hands on some of these amazing pieces.

First up shoes & boots....

Black Wrapover Brogues £25 (available online now)
Grey Lace Up Ankle Boots £35 (available online now)
Lace Up Wedge Boot £35 (coming soon)

After purchasing the floral jumpsuit from ASOS Curve I now have a slight obssession with them. They are actually a really nice fit and look amazing teamed with a tan belt and pair of Espadrilles. And whilst scouting the Evans website came across this little gem as well. Perfect to carry on through to A/W and team with the above Lace Up Wedge Boots.

Black Jersey Playsuit £35 (available online now)

Over the past few weeks it seemed everywhere I looked I was seeing girls in animal print hareems. Teamed with a simple white vest top and blazer I am absolutely loving this look. And yep you guessed it, Evans haven't failed me and have come up this wonderful printed pair....

Animal Twill Trousers £27 (available online now)

And now the key Autumn/Winter pieces that I cannot wait to get my little hands on. Evans, once again I salute you.

Dark Choc Aviator Jacket £65

Leopard Fur Coat £69.50

Longline Sequin Blouse £49.50

Mint Jaquard Dress £55

Paisley Longline Tiered Top £37

Now all I need is one of these and I'll be all set for A/W ;)

Has anyone else got any favourite pieces from the collection? If so, do share girls! xxxx

Images all owned by Evans (some via PRShots)
Alexa Bag from Google Images

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