Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Julian Macdonald: The Fatcist Designer

So, I was scanning the retail news at work on Monday morning and found an article I was deeply shocked about. Julien Macdonald the designer quoting that " a catwalk model is size six to eight. You can't have plus size girls winning [model shows] it makes it a joke". I'm finding it hard to believe that in a world where plus size women are being more accepted and more appreciated that a designer could make such a statement. WHY can't plus size women win model shows and competitions Julien? If you ask me the fuller figured women who walk down the catwalk look much more appealing than those who are a size six or eight because they relate more to the modern woman of today. I'm pretty certain the majority of women are not even close to a size six or eight. Crystal Renn is a size 16 and is one of the most successful models of our time. We are seeing Vogue doing a 'Vogue Curvy' section on their website in which some of the most wonderful Fatshion bloggers regularly appear. (Check out Gabi Fresh of 'Young, Fat and Fabulous' and lovely Lauren of 'Pocket Rocket') These girls are leading the way for plus sizes and it makes me sick when designers make such statements.
New York have even played host to Fuller Figured Fashion Week which took place last week. Check out 'The Curvy Girls Guide To Style' who blogged about the event and included some gorgeous girls walking on the catwalk and appearing at the event. http://garnerstyle.blogspot.com/
Luckily Crystal Renn and even our own Janet Street-Porter were on hand to voice their opinions on Juliens ridiculous statement (please see scans below) Its a shame that Debenhams plays host to such an ignorant designer and it will be interesting to see what they have to say on the matter, if they even say anything at all. I can only imagine that women will be put off from wearing this mans designs in the future. All I can say to Julian is I suggest you keep rolling with the times and open your eyes to real world.

Jane Street Porters response:

Let me know your opinions guys because I've love to hear them! x

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