Thursday, 27 May 2010

And we're off....

OK, so for ages now I have been wanting to start a blog but was always unsure about what exactly to write about or even how the whole thing works. But here we have it. The purpose of These Girls Turn Heads is for me to find plus size trendy girls, post their outfits and create a general overview of the way plus size girls dress. Being one myself, I always find plus size fashion interesting and with thanks to Grazia a few months back I realised theres a whole world of fabulous Fatshionistas out there trying to change the way plus girls think, dress, shop and much more. I want to create a "style hunter" if you like, a collection of fabulous girls in London who know how to work it whatever there shape or size. People always comment on how I dress and always pick up on my style but I always love to people watch and see what everyone else is wearing out there and where there inspiration comes from. So people, I give you 'These Girls Turn Heads'. If you know of anyone who would like to post their look to me then please don't hesitate to contact me xx

Dress: Chiswick Car Boot Sale £3
Name Necklace: Tatty Devine
Rose Hairband: H'n'M £3
Cardigan: Primark £8
Scarf: Chiswick Car Boot Sale £1
Bag: Vintage Store in Leeds £10
Earrings: H'n'M £2.99


  1. Fantastic! You're as cute as a button. Welcome to the fold :D Lauren xxx

  2. Love the photo! Look forward to reading more sweet :) xxx